// Sirocco
Please Wait To be Seated
2023 // 06

+ Description

Sirocco chair draws inspiration from the commanding presence of the desert wind, mirroring the elegance and aerodynamics found in sleek sailing boats. Just as a boat cuts through the water with grace, our creation showcases sculpted forms and sharp angles that exude a sense of dynamic movement. The wind’s erosive nature has sculpted every surface, leaving behind smooth lines as if shaped by the forces of nature itself. The chair’s refined volumes evoke a perfect balance and harmony, while seamless transitions between sections mirror the fluidity and agility of sailing on the open sea. Embracing the spirit of both the desert wind and sailing boats, Sirocco chair captures a timeless essence of strength, grace, and timeless design.

// Villa
2022 // 05

+ Description

The Villa collection generates an attractive visual game, transmitting an elegance that raises the level of any space. The Villa accent tables table were born from the search for an aesthetic balance through forms, achieving a particular beauty.

The essence of the Villa side tables is their metallic structure in thermo-lacquered black lacquer, presenting strips that intertwine between their legs giving the sensation of wanting to embrace each one of them. It offers the possibility of a top in tempered smoked glass or tempered transparent glass to better adapt to each space.

The Villa tables were designed together with Alex Ortega for our studio OrtegaGuijarro.

// CADIZ 2.0
isi mar
2022 // 03

+ Description

As an addition to the existing Cadiz Dining Chair, iSiMar decided to increase the family including a lounge chair and stools in two different highs.

This collection is made of galvanized steel with polyester powder coating. The materials used for the production are durable, suitable for intensive use, and weather-resistant.

The CADIZ collection is perfect for indoor, outdoor and contract use. The materials are noble, 100% recycled and recyclable, and environmentally friendly.

// Olney
2021 // 08

+ Description

Olney lighting collection is an elegant and refined design with a pleasant aesthetic. The collection is composed of three different versions: floor lamp, table light, and cluster. The tone of the glass shade in combination with the metal details provides lightness and visual attraction to any environment.
This collection was designed for Reverse-Consultancy.

// SOL
2021 // 05

+ Description

The Sol Side Table is a design with an impressive wealth of facets. As strikingly simple as the construction made of glass panels of different sizes may be, at second glance it is quite complex. Depending on the perspective, the incidence of light and shadows, the colored-transparent elements of the table merge into ever-changing silhouettes and visually trick their observers.

Elegant sculpture or functional side table? Sol Table, which is available in three colours, is not either/or but both at the same time.

The new addition to the ClassiCon collection is available in stores from May 2021.

Sol Side Table was designed together with Alex Ortega for our Studio OrtegaGuijarro.

// Sol Video
2021 // 05

+ Description

Movie and Art Direction for the production of Apex movie about the Sol Side Tables designed for ClassiCon. Managed together with Alex Ortega as part of our studio OrtegaGuijarro.

In these times we are living, where digital communication is becoming a must-to-have tool to connect with the audience due to the lack of physical interaction, we felt the necessity to be part of this new revolution. The name Apex has a direct relation with the last addition at ClassiCon collection, the Sol side table. It represents the highest point of the sun when having our feet down to hearth, the part of the day when the lights, shadows, and reflections are admired at
their peak.

Aiming to create a short movie that has a direct impact on the audience, we decided to join forces with Robin Barners, a talented 3D artist based in London. We began analyzing the direction we wanted to take with the movie having all the same common goal: to highlight the qualities of the new Sol side table by ClassiCon. We developed a storyboard implementing several cinematographic resources to communicate and transmit different emotions and feelings to the viewers. We played with cold and warm frames together with long and fast frames to keep a dynamism during the film. We have used this resource to let the viewers discover the side table little by little, understanding the complexity of such a sculptural product.


// Lenon
Kave Home
2020 // 09

+ Description

The Lenon collection is based on the latest trends and designed to respond to the new needs of interior design. These storage products are designed for intelligent distribution of space, with dimensions with which you free up space in the room and have more storage space.

The reliefs on the fronts of the doors are the signature that the designer has used to unify this collection, a detail that creates a play of depths in the wood and movement in the room. You can find them both in sliding doors or with a push system, both without handles to fully respect the original idea.

An exclusive design must be accompanied by a natural, noble and authentic material. For this reason, each piece of the Lenon collection is unique, since they are made of solid oak wood coming from sustainable forests. The tones and veins derived from the material itself make each piece unrepeatable and special.

// Freistil 139
Rolf-Benz Freistil
2020 // 03

+ Description

With a sculptural and minimalist aesthetic, the intention behind the 139 accent table collection is to offer the possibility of being transported with maximum ease.

Produced in steel and technical wood, they offer optimum stability given the existing double structure in their legs, providing rigidity and a fundamental aesthetic detail within this design.

This project was designed together with Alex Ortega for our Studio OrtegaGuijarro.

// Sheryl
Kave Home
2019 // 10

+ Description

Sheryl is the representation of how a unique and attractive result can be achieved using the minimum possible material for the manufacture of a product. The patterns that guided this project were the need to reduce the use of materials, as well as to experiment with the hardness and resistance of the wood to take it to its minimum thickness while still meeting the highest standards of resistance and stability.

Composed of a dining chair, two different stools, dining tables, and high tables, the Sheryl collection makes wood the main character. The structure of all the pieces is made of solid eucalyptus wood. These woods have the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certificate, which guarantees that the wood comes from sustainable forests, providing environmental, social and economic benefits.

2018 // 09

+ Description

It is a playful combination of materials, textures and proportions that characterize the Pato shelf. It makes an elegant addition to any wall, whether it's hanging on its own as a side table or together with others to create a beautiful installation on the wall.

These elegant wall shelves are offered in several sizes, shapes, and materials such as terrazzo and smoked glass.

Pato is a series of wall shelves produced by the Danish brand Bolia, and designed together with Alex Ortega for our studio OrtegaGuijarro.

Kave Home
2018 // 01

+ Description

After receiving a new brief from La Forma Barcelona requesting to develop new outdoor pieces using as the main material the nautical rope, we started developing and designing a number of new products focused on the customer needs.

Under this premise, we decided to propose the Ellen chair among other designs. The peculiarity of this model is its lightness and refined proportions, highlighting the constructive and aesthetic details.

2017 // 01

+ Description

The idea behind Cadiz was to create a modern reinterpretation of the popular bistro chair. The inviting shape of the seat together with the minimalistic lines of the chair provide a timeless and universal look.

Inspired by the conviviality of bar and hotel culture, we wanted to create a versatile product that can be placed easily in these environments. The chair is stackable, made of aluminum, and available in a large choice of colors. We also gave it a playful twist by showing the seat in two different looks: smooth and textured.

Dimensions: W520 D490 H740

2015 // 11

+ Description

NYOVA is a new furniture company that focuses on young talents to create their collections through an annual competition divided into several sections. That was how FORM was born.
FORM is a collection of lights composed of 3 wall modules and a ceiling version. Their organic shapes were inspired by the rounded edges or pebbles, and after careful observation, the most aesthetically beautiful were selected for creating FORM.
The four shapes allow users to create interesting mosaics for receptions, halls, or open spaces ... And the ceiling version complements the collection.
The modules are made of solid pine and thermoformed polystyrene.

Dimensions: -Wall Versions-
Small model: W250 D125 H50 mm
Medium model: W490 D200 H50 mm
Big model: W640 D220 H50 mm
Ceiling version: W270 D180 H50 mm

2015 // 06

+ Description

Simplicity and comfort. These two words guided the design process of Dash, a collection of chairs produced with 1,5mm thick steel or in combination with synthetic fiber to get more elasticity in the seat and the backrest. This handmade stackable chair has exceptional strength with a lightweight appearance. Dash has a powder-coated painting to prevent any damage produced by weather issues.

Dimensions: W510 D530 H830 mm